Celebrity Eyes & Colored Contacts

Color Contact Before & After Pics: Kim Kardashian, Nina Dobrev & More!

Celebrity color contacts

Nina Dobrev, Britney Spears, Kim, Kanye and North West, just a few of the celebrities who wear color contacts. Keep watching to see more before and after photos.

Kim posted an Instagram selfie wearing colored contacts, blue, in contrast to her naturally dark brown eyes. Before and after photo here:

kim kardashian color contacts

Kim’s baby North West inherited her mother’s dark eyes. You’d never know by looking at Kim’s Instagram, where she’s posted several pictures of baby North West with green and blue eyes, thanks to the modern wonder of colored contacts.

north west kardashian color contacts

Kanye is credited with hooking his family on color contacts as he had these bright blue ones custom made by a New York optometrist for his performance of Wolves this February 2015.

Kanye west color contacts

Earlier this year, Nina Dobrev became a spokesperson for the Air Optix color contacts brand. Since then she has worn color contacts at numerous events and in numerous Instagram photos. Gemstone Green are her most worn, followed by Sterling Gray. Here is a peek into several of Nina’s private Instagram photos where she is wearing color contacts as well as several event premieres where she wore the Gemstone Green.

nina dobrev air optix

nina dobrev color contacts

Britney Spears’ light brown eyes look hazel under some light conditions. Here she is wearing bright blue color contacts. Color contacts left, natural right.


Britney’s little sister, Jamie Lynn, also has naturally dark eyes, and is seen here wearing dark blue color contacts. Before and after, Jamie Lynn Spears.

jamie lynn spears color contacts

Lindsay Lohan’s eyes are naturally a beautiful green color. At several occasions she has chosen to wear deep blue color contacts.

lindsay lohan color contacts

Another celebrity with naturally brown eyes, Jessica Alba, has dyed her hair blonde as well as worn blue colored contacts for several movies, including Fantastic 4.

jessica alba color contacts

Like Alba, Orlando Bloom, naturally dark haired and eyed, went blonde and blue for Lord of the Rings.

orlando bloom color contacts

Movies are never perfect and in this scene he forgot to wear his contacts showcasing his naturally brown eyes accidentally. Don’t look so surprised Orlando, it happens to the best of us! Celebrities prove color contacts are cool.

orlando bloom brown eyes