Best Tinder Openers

Best Tinder Openers

I’ve sent my fair share of messages on social media, networking and dating platforms that get no response from the other person.

There is almost nothing worse than sending a perfectly composed email or DM, and you press “send” beaming proudly, and then to never hear back from your intended recipient.

Your heart sinks, you wait for days, checking daily until finally you forget, or get a response from a different perfectly composed message.

I recently conducted a Tinder Social Experiment to find what eye color men see as most attractive. You’re welcome, Men, this article is for you.

You’ll get an inside scoop to see what messages I thought were the best and that I would have responded to in a normal non-experiment setting and which were so cringe-worthily horrible that I would never respond even if I had felt an initial attraction to their profile.

Here Are The Best Tinder Openers

A fellow runner! Why: They are pointing out a common interest

Puppy gif Why: You can never go wrong with an animal gif

Puppy gif #2 Why: Wanted to make the point again puppy gif is always correct

Hi! How is your week going? Why: Showing interest in your matches’ life is always good

Is that your dog in the photo + typos + sorry trying to balance on a balcony and type at the same time. Why: It shows you’re interested plus that you have a life and are doing fun crazy stuff

Hi I have an important question, I think you’re the perfect person to ask this! Why: It sparks interest and makes them feel important

I have a confession to make Why: It sparks interest and curiosity, no way am I NOT going to respond to that

Your smile is gorgeous Why: It’s a compliment, duh

I don’t have a dog yet but I have a diabolical plan to kidnap the neighbor’s corgi Why: Shows read their profile plus that you’re funny and have a fun plan, sparks conversation and easy flirting

Gonna need your number to send you puppy pics Why: Creative and funny shows person is funny and smart

You have a fantastic smile! Why: Compliment Again

If all else fails or you want to escalate your opener to end in a date, ask them to Taco Bell then fill out the survey using the code on your receipt afterward for the chance to win a $500 gift card. More information on how to enter the TellTheBell.Com survey here.

Here Are The Worst Tinder Openers

Honestly these don’t need prefaces, take from them what you will