Color Contacts | See All 12 Freshlooks Lens Colors Here

All Freshlooks Color Contact Lenses

Video review of the 12 Colored Contact lenses by Freshlooks. HD quality, and everything you need to know before buying a pair of lenses!

Video transcript:

Hey it’s Stacy, and today I’m going to be showing you almost all of the Freshlooks Colorblend contacts including brilliant blue, true sapphire, turquiose, gemstone green, pure hazel, brown, honey, sterling gray, gray, and amethyst.

The blue is the only one that is not technically a colorblend. My normal eyes are hazel which is a mix of green and brown. So if your eyes are green, brown or hazel you can expect similar results. So here is the brilliant blue in my left eye and if you can’t tell it’s a very bright neon color. especially compared to my normal eyes. So this is both of the brilliant blue in my eye. It’s very bright. Not very natural looking but it can be fun and super bright.

I have true sapphire in my left eye right now and it’s really similar to the brilliant blue. So the regular blue is in my right eye right now and it’s way lighter and more natural than either the true sapphire or the brilliant blue. They’re all very different. So I’m wearing both the regular blue lenses right now and they’re so much lighter.

Turquoise is in the right eye. Regular blue still on the left. Both the turquoise are in and I really like them. They’re a lot more natural looking than the other blue colors in my opinion other than the regular blue but they’re still really bright just the way that they blend I think is pretty cool. You can probably still tell I’m wearing color contacts but it’s in a way where it blends with my natural eye color.

Gemstone green, turquoise. Very green, very not green. So these are the gemstone green color contacts and they are also pretty neon. They blend pretty well with my eyes because they do have some green and brown in them. Yeah I think they’re pretty fun. So this is the regular green in my right eye and the gemstone green is still in my left. I just realized the gemstone green is super bright which could be kind of cool for photos. I know Nina Dobrev wears the Gemston green, I think it’s of Air Optix not Freshlooks, so they could be different. This one is pretty similar to my normal eye color but it does make it pop a little more. Both just regular green eyes are in and here is what they look like.

Pure hazel is in this eye compared with the regular green and it keeps getting closer to my natural eye color so I was surprised this actually looks really similar to my natural color it’s kind of cool because it’s even more defined and there’s also the black limbal ring kind of just circling it and defining it in which is a sign of youth and you actually lose your limbal rings when you get older. I think mine are actually all the way gone, so, but I don’t know if I ever had them. This is crazy, when I was looking at my eyes even closer and at some of the pictures I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing color contacts, so I don’t know, let me know what you guys think and this would probably have a different effect depending on what color eyes you have. But it is very true to the name, very hazel, green and brown.

I never thought that I would have brown eyes but here it is. and well actually people mistake my normal eyes for brown, so, and sometimes they do look brown. It’s like a warm, kind of deep, brown but it looks really natural so if you have other color eyes and are looking to try out brown, it does it looks really natural. It’s like a really warm color so it’s really nice.

These are the honey in both eyes and like the brown I think they’re super natural. They also kind of glow and they remind me of like a vampire of what they would look like if they were just like hanging out among people. Like subtly glowing but not too obvious and people definitely do have this eye color. Honey, it’s really warm and it’s a little bit glowy and I really like this one too.So these are the sterling gray and they remind me of blue but very very subtly it is gray.

And it definitely does not look like it would be my natural eye color but it does blend pretty naturally and it looks pretty cool too. So normal gray is in the right eye now and sterling gray is still in my left eye. So I have both of the regular gray in my eyes and they are definitely a lot lighter than the sterling gray so they are a little bit more natural and lighter and they just give your eye a nice gray color. So this is the full amethyst and they’re just a little bit violet purply color which it’s very subtle but it’s noticeable, especially since people don’t really have violet eyes.

There are some legends that purport people do and there are some people that think that some people with blue eyes are kind of violet but it is very unique and it is still subtle but blends well.

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