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CooperVision is a California-based company that makes soft lens contacts. They started in 1980 and currently sell contacts in over 100 countries worldwide.


They have 3 R&D facilities worldwide and have made many patented technological innovations in the contact lens field to improve comfort and eye-health.


We sell the following CooperVision lenses: Proclear, Biomedics, Biofinity, Ixotic, and MyDay Lenses. We also sell CooperVision colored contact lenses.



CooperVision Proclear lenses are made with PC Technology™ to keep lenses extra-moist all day. No more dry eyes. The PC Technology™ actually copies some materials found in human cell membranes that naturally attract water. This unique technology allows for all-day wear comfort without dry eyes.



The CooperVision Biomedics lens family contains a group of 4 lenses, the Biomedics 1 day Extra Toric, the Biomedics 55 Evolution, the Biomedics Toric, and the Biomedics 1 Day Extra. The Biomedics 1 day Extra Toric is a one-day lens that corrects astigmatisms.

The Biomedics Toric also corrects astigmatisms but is for those who prefer replacing lenses on a monthly basis. It also contains a UV filter. The Biomedics 55 Evolution is a monthly near and farsightedness-correcting lens with a UV filter.



The CooperVision Biofinity lenses utilize a special comfort-increasing technology they have patented as Aquaform® Comfort Science™.

This is due to its unique oxygen-flow capabilities combined with high moisture content. These factors combine to keep your eyes a comfortable, clear, healthy white. The high moisture content also naturally resists clinging debris, increasing their all-day comfort.

The Biofinity lenses are only available for near and far sighted prescriptions.



The CooperVision MyDay lenses feature their Smart Silicone™ technology which uses less material to get more oxygen to the eye.

Their incredible breathability allow for a level of comfort not previously available with other silicone contact lenses.

MyDay lenses also contain built-in UV protection to keep eyes safe from the sun. They filter 85% of UVA and 96% of UVB sun rays to help your eyes stay young and healthy.


CooperVision Colored Lenses


CooperVision’s monthly disposable colored lenses. Offered in prescription 0 for people with perfect vision as well as for near and far sightedness. Available in the colors Brown, Gray and Hazel.


CooperVision’s color enhancing lenses. Not as strong a color change as their Expressions colored lenses, instead of overlaying your eye with an entirely new color they enhance your eyes’ natural color. Available for people with no need for vision correction as well as for near and farsightedness. The Ixotic are available in Black and Brown.

The Ixotic lenses enhance the eye with designs as well as limbal ring enhancement. The limbal ring is the black ring around the outer edge of your iris, and fades as you get older. It is an unconscious indication of youth and health. These take color contacts to a new level – now they can be used not only for a fun change of color, but to enhance one’s appearance of youth, fertility and attractiveness.

Specifically, these are the exact lenses we carry:


The Coopervision lens options:


Proclear 1 Day


Biomedics Toric

Biomedics 38

Biomedics 1 Day Extra


Biofinity Toric


Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric

Expressions Colors

Ixotic 1 Day Black

Ixotic 1Day Brown

Ixotic 1 Day Black and Brown

Biomedics Evolution

Biomedics55 Evolution


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