Lacelle® Color Contacts | Find The Best Colors Here

Lacelle colored contact lenses are Bausch & Lomb’s colored lens innovation. They are the only available uniquely lace patterned US FDA-approved colored contacts. The lace pattern visually enlarges and enhances your iris.

Their design is one that you cannot find elsewhere and offers a gorgeous enhancement to your natural eye color.

They contain Bausch & Lomb’s UV block technology and have a 42% water content for a comfortable fit.

Available Daily Disposable Lenses

Frozen Grey

Sparkling Gold

Cool Grey

Modest Black

Tender Brown



They are composed of 42% water and 58% hilafilcon.


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Currently we don’t have a Lacelle color contact video, however in the meantime feel free to watch our other color contact review video that goes through 12 color options:

You can also watch me struggle to put contact lenses in, and learn how to insert lenses into your own eyes if this is something you have never done before: