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For an in-depth review of all 12 Freshlook color contact lenses, watch here:

I hope this site helped you decide which type and color of contacts would take your look to the next level.

If you still need more help deciding, feel free to visit the before/after picture page, the color contact video review page, or even email me at [email protected] – if you have any questions I would love to help you out.

For a quick 60 second review of the lens colors, take a peek here.

Quick 60 second color contact overview video:

If you are interested in experimenting with a new eye color, you are not alone: 60% of people would be interested in changing their eye color if they were able!

I am personally obsessed with color contact lenses, and love how they can switch up an entire outfit’s look. Imagine walking down the street, making eye contact with someone, and having them look at you then look away and do a double take when they see your eyes. Or tell you the color is so beautiful they have never seen anything like it. Or you happen to be wearing Halloween contacts and they almost drop their bag because they are so affected by the color contacts in your eyes. All of these things have happened to me when wearing color contacts and I hope you can have some similar experiences and just have fun playing with colors.

I get my contacts at PerfectLensWorld and have found them to have the best price and quality available, as well as completely legal, safe, and FDA approved. They also have the 2 most popular color contact brands – Freshlook and Air Optix (and normal contacts as well). They also offer free shipping over $59.

Let me know if you end up buying a pair (or two who are we kidding 😉 and email me with your pictures (and/or any questions you have) – I read and respond to every single email and love hearing from everyone!

[email protected]

Need help figuring out how to put your lenses in your eye? Look no further and watch this how-to put in your lens video with step by step instructions.

Step by step how to put your contact lenses in video: