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Founded in 1853 by John Bausch and Henry Lomb, this contact lens company also manufactures products to be used with lenses and eye care, as well as branching into the eye medical field with procedures such as eye implants and eye medicinal products.

They started their innovation in 1861 with the creation of rubber glasses. In the early years they produced many types of larger physical products such as projectors and even camera lenses, however as the years have passed they have focused in solely on eye care products. They now have 13,000 workers in 36 countries.

Contact lenses are Bausch & Lomb’s largest area of sales volume, and in past years have accounted for up to 28% of sales. Their Soflens in particular are the highest selling product. These lenses are made to be incredibly comfortable and are designed for all day wear. Their Soflens brand has special lenses, called Toric lenses, that are specially made for people who have astigmatism, which all types of lenses do not offer.

One of their controversial products is called the PureVision lens which are purported to have so much oxygen permeability that they are able to safely be worn for a full month during both the night and day without taking out.

People who buy contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb also need products to take care of their lenses, such as contact solution and contact storage containers. They also sell these, which make up the second largest part of the business right below contact lenses, and have contributed to up to 25% of their sales.

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