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Tinder Experiment: Most Beautiful Eye color

I was talking to my guy friends about Tinder, and my mouth dropped to the floor when they said they get less than a 3% match rate.

Asking around, I could barely believe that is completely normal, or even GOOD for a guy on Tinder.

Knowing this, I was wondering what influences who swipes right, and are there any ways to optimize your Tinder profile?

As a girl, and as someone who loves color contacts, I decided to do a Tinder Social Experiment to see who was attracted to me with different eye colors.

What eye color is the most attractive?

Which eye color gets the most swipes right on Tinder?

How to optimize your Tinder profile based on profile picture and eye color?

To find out I created a Tinder experiment.

Tinder Profile Experiment Video

Here is my video results with more detail than I go into below.

Tinder Profile Experiment Setup

This experiment took a month to complete since I spent a full week swiping right for each separate eye color so differing days of the week would not affect results.

I actually didn’t do this at first and then my Harvard neuropsych grad student friend said my results would be messed up if I didn’t spread the different eye color swipes equally across everyday of the week… it turns out she was right…if you’re looking to get more matches on tinder try swiping right on Saturday since that’s when I got the highest percentage of matches.

Here’s what I did. I swiped right to like 50 people in a row every day for a full week for each eye color. I also didn’t count any instant matches as actual matches because that meant they had liked me before I liked them, which could mean they had liked my profile earlier on when I had a previous eye color on since i used the same profile for all eye colors just swapping out the first two selfie pictures each week.

After a full week of liking 50 people every day with my natural eyes, I did the same thing with my green eyed profile, then with my brown and blue eyed profiles.

Tinder Profile Experiment Results

It’s also nice to know My natural eye color seems to be so unattractive to the opposite sex that it actually has a lower Match rate than Youtuber Clariz’s ugly chin tinder photo.

Tinder Profile Eye Color Data

Number of Matches –
57 for my natural hazel eyes, 101 for the brown eyes, 116 for the green eyes, and 116 for the blue eyes

Number of Messages –
29 for my hazel eyes, 43 for the brown eyes, 52 for the green eyes, and 66 for the blue eyes

% Match Rate –
Was 16% for the hazel eyes, 28% for the brown eyes, with the green and brown tying for the highest match rate at 33% for the green eyes and 33% for the blue eyes

% of Matches Who Messaged Me-
Was 42% of the brown eyed matches, 44% of the green eyed matches, 50% of the hazel eyed matches, and 56% of the blue eyed matches

Feel free to use this data to try out different eye colors on your own Tinder profile and see if you get more matches using blue or green eyes, or even if your data differs and if you get more matches with brown or hazel eyes.

Let me know your results in the comments below.