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How to Put on Contact Lenses: The Daily Struggle

All 12 Freshlooks Color Contact Lens Review (7 Minutes):


Same as the above review, but more in depth (11 minutes):

All twelve Freshlook color contacts are worn and reviewed for color, blendability, comfort, intensity, natural quality and more in the above video. The colors reviewed are honey, brilliant blue, true sapphire, amethyst, gemstone green, green, turquoise, regular blue, brown, pure hazel, and sterling gray. If you are at all thinking about purchasing a pair of color contacts, this video helps you decide what color would look the best on your eyes, as well as what all of the options are.


Blue Color Contact Lens Review:

The brilliant blue and regular blue lenses are reviewed for all characteristics in the above video. The comparison allows you to see if the lighter regular blue contacts are better for your needs or if the more intense, neon brilliant blue suit you better.

Blue contact video transcript:

Hi my name is Stacy, and today I’m going to be showing you Freshlook colorblends Brilliant Blue and Freshlook colors normal blue. My normal eyes are hazel which has green and brown in it. This means if you have green, brown, or hazel eyes these blue contacts will look similarly on you. My left eye has the normal blue in it which forms kind of a ring around the outside.

The cool part about the normal blue contacts is that you can still see some of your natural eye color under the contacts which gives it a 3d look and they are a lot lighter than the brilliant blue which we will be looking at next.

Here I’m wearing normal blue on the left and brilliant blue on the right. The colorblends brilliant blue is very bright. I’ve had my friends tell me that I look like I have neon in my eyes. I’ve also gotten compliments on it from strangers so it’s very noticeable. This one I’ve actually never had, while my sister noticed when I was wearing it but most people I don’t think will really notice if you just change your eye color that much.

The only thing about the brilliant blue is that they’re so dark they actually cover your pupil a little bit so normally pupils get bigger in the dark and when you’re excited and they get smaller in the light and when you’re calm. With these contacts they are always the same size, which has the potential to look a little creepy.

It’s a very big impact, it’s very neon blue, I really like these. Recap: normal eyes on the left, regular blue on the right. Normal eyes on the left, brilliant blue on the right. Thank you for watching, I hope this video was helpful.


Green Color Contact Lens Review:

Freshlooks green contacts are shown in detail as well as described above. If you are looking to purchase color contacts, watching this video should help you decide if green eyes are right for you.

Green color contact review video transcript:

Hey my name is Stacy and today I’m doing a review of Freshlook gemstone green colorblend contacts. These are actually so dark that they are going to cover almost any color eye.

The green contact is in my left eye right now and as you can see it’s a little bit of an emerald green with lots of lime green tones. Its very dark and it would probably cover almost any eye color.

You can also see the brown ring in the middle so whatever your eye color is there is still going to be some of it peeking through which is kind of nice. As you can see I’m wearing both of the gren color contacts and they are very bright.

It’s nice because they still blend a little bit with your natural eye color but they’re very bright. It’s fun if you really want to mix up your look and this will work with any color eye so you can wear this over brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and you will have the very bright outer part and you will still see a little bit of your natural eye color in the center.

I would be curious to see different color eye pictures if you try this out. Let me know and I would love to see your pictures.


Halloween Contacts Video Review:

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