Maxi Eyes® | Are Maxi Eyes the Best Fit For You?

Manufactured by Spectroflex, Maxi Eyes colored contact lenses have revolutionized the possibility of changing your eye color in a natural way.

They utilize a silicon-hydrogel technology allow for high breathability while the smooth material protects the eye’s cornea from the normal scratching of other material contact lenses.

This allows the wearer extreme comfort while maintaining the vision correction of normal lenses and sporting the eye color of their choosing.

Maxi Eyes contact lenses are unique in that they make the eyes bigger and brighter while changing their color, as opposed to other colored lenses that only change the eye color.

Their color changing properties also involve multiple colors, making them a unique, beautiful colored-lens option. Many color lenses are solid one color, which do not blend as well with the natural eye or offer as unique a look as these lenses do.

They are offered in daily, bi-weekly, and monthly disposable lens options. One of their unique features is UVA & UVB protection.


The colors we offer are available are brown, black, silver, and maroon, in addition to their eye enlargening ring properties.


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Maxi Eyes Bi-Weekly

Maxi Eyes Monthly

Maxi Eyes Daily

Maxi Eyes Colors

Maxi Eyes Colors Double Tone

Maxi Eyes Brown

Maxi Eyes Black

Maxi Eyes Silver

Maxi Eyes Hazel


Their composition is 55% water and 45% material content.


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We have no current Maxi eye video unfortunately, however we do have a video going through 12 colored lenses that you can watch for more information:

Learn how to put colored lenses in if you have never done so before by watching me struggle through putting on lenses in this (humorous) video: